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AppleのCEO Tim Cook氏本人が収支報告で質問に答えました。
During today's second quarter earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterated Apple's commitment to creating innovative products:
Work we do to produce truly innovative products is very hard. Challenges that we'll face in the future, but we're working very closely with our manufacturing partners and we are executing a very exciting roadmap.
今日(4/23)の第2四半期の収支報告の間、AppleのCEO Tim Cookは革新的な製品を生み出すというAppleの責務を繰り返し口にした。

According to Cook, Apple has a lot of surprises in store for late 2013 and 2014, stating that "amazing new hardware, software, and services" will be coming this fall and "throughout 2014."
Apple is expected to release an updated fifth generation iPad with an iPad-mini like design along with the iPhone 5S later this year. An upgraded mini with a Retina display is also rumored to be in the works, along with iOS 7 and Apple's rumored streaming music service.When asked to reiterate on the fall announcements, Cook had this to say:
We don't want to be more specific, but we have some really great stuff coming in the fall and across all of 2014.
AppleはiPad miniのようなデザインの第5世代iPadをiPhone 5Sと同様に今年後半に発売すると予想されている。Retinaディスプレイの新しいiPad miniも、IOS7やAppleの音楽ストリーミングサービスと共に開発中との噂だ。
In addition to its standard product lines, Apple is also rumored to have projects like the long rumored iTV and the iWatch in pipeline. Cook confirmed that future growth could come from "potential new categories."
In emphasizing a fall timeline for Apple's product updates, Cook is downplaying the potential for summer 2013 releases, possibly hinting that new versions of the iPhone and the iPad may not come until September or later.

忘れやすいの: iPhone 5S、iPad mini 2 は上半期には出ない !


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